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I'm selling my Sony DCR-VX1000 and Century Optics Death Lens setup (MK1). Works perfectly, just not being used and would love for it to go to a good home. Includes: VX Camcorder, Mint Condition Century Optics Ultra Death Lens (MK1), Battery, Charger, a/v cords, aluminum carrying case, 1 new mini dv tape, capture camera and FireWire cord. By far the best and most iconic skateboard camera ever. Comes as PACKAGE not separate.

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such a good set up.

joe dunnigan 587 days

Is this on eBay to?

kgskater 586 days

Nope not on eBay!

lesgetit 586 days

Could you knock it down to $900? I'd surely purchase.

Danial Kim 577 days

Danial- Message me for any questions! Thanks man!

lesgetit 573 days

What's your email?

Danial Kim 571 days and what's yours? Incase someone else tries to message me and isnt you haha.

Danial Kim 568 days

****SOLD!!.. Sorry I don't know how to delete posts!!***

lesgetit 551 days
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