Here are some of the +swappow team members.


Aaron “Jaws” Homoki

Aaron “Jaws” Homoki is one of the coolest guys you will ever meet. He's 100% hyped on skateboarding 100% of the time and, in addition to completely destroying vert, street, rails, ditches, dump trucks and anything else that makes the mistake of getting in his way, he's down to Share the Ride and help other kids get rolling. He's donated a bunch of stuff, including his signed old product (decks, trucks, wheels and his time), to an AZ based skateboard Not For Profit called Skate After School and he is always doing it complete with a big Jaws style smile. He represents +swappow and a bunch of other big time sponsors and is one of the gnarliest and most visible skateboarders in the world today.

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Louie Vito

Louie Vito is a professional snowboarder that has the ability to soar high above the pines and throw down tricks on any halfpipe he comes into contact with. His fierce style mixed with natural talent landed Louie the opportunity to represent the United States at the 21st Olympic Games. Collecting multiple medals from the X Games and Championships from Dew Tour, Louie has been a prominent professional snowboarder since the age of 17.

In addition to taking home gold medals at the 2011 and 2013 European X Games, Louie Vito has displayed a commitment to action sports-related philanthropy. The champion snowboarder hosts the annual “Louie Vito Rail Jam” which offers mentorship to young riders and collects donations for St. Vincent De Paul. This makes Louie a natural fit with +swappow’s mission to get 10 million kids on boards by 2018. “I'm stoked to represent +swappow,” Vito states. “Their mission to give back by providing a place for all of our old gear and make it more affordable and accessible to kids everywhere! Giving back is a huge deal to me, so +swappow is a natural partnership for me.”

+swappow is ecstatic to have such a talented and accomplished snowboarder on our team! Louie’s great attitude and stunning abilities are inspiring to us all.

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Joel Tudor

Known for his original style and seemingly endless capacity, Joel Tudor is both a veteran inside and outside of the surfing community. Originally from San Diego, CA Joel has won the U.S. Open of surfing a total of eight times. He has won World Championships for long boarding twice, written a book, created his own surf contest series (Ductape Invitational), launched his own board company and he has a footwear and apparel line with Vans and a pro model skateboard with Sector 9. He was featured in Vans’ The Ductumentary, a short-film directed by Graham Nash and Reagan Ritchie. Joel has been credited with inspiring the longboard revival in the 1990’s and is still shredding better than ever. Growing up, Joel excelled at both skateboarding and surfing, which may contribute to his extremely versatile style. Longboards, shortboards, nose riding, big waves, you name it, Joel rips it.

Joel is committed to the concept of Sharing Surfing and helping to get more kids in the water. According to Joel, “You have to give back. It’s the cycle of life.” As an avid collector, Tudor also wants to help surfers connect through a better alternative to Craigslist and eBay... a place where surfers can sell and share product with other surfers and people they can trust.

A true athlete in everything he does, Joel is also a Brazilian jiu-jitsu Black Belt under Carlson Gracie Black Belt and World Champion. Joel is an adventurous individual, a go-getter, as well as a focused family man. While surfing and performing martial arts with style and grace every day, Joel embodies the +swappow mission of Sharing the Ride.

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Marc Frank Montoya

+swappow Team Rider Marc Frank Montoya (MFM) is an icon in snowboarding. He came up the hard way to become the first Hispanic Pro snowboarder before being named “Rock Star of the Year” in the 2004 Transworld Magazine Rider's Poll and number 3 on the Snowboarder Magazine list of the top 10 Riders of 2005. 'Marco' throws down on rails like nobody's business and backs his rail skills up with all around park proficiency. In Spring' 04 he took the top prize in zone 1 of the Red Bull Heavy Metal Rail Jam in downtown Park City, UT-the most respected rail event in professional snowboarding.

Marc Frank Montoya is one of the most dynamic personalities in snowboarding, displaying his hip-hop persona in everything he does, from riding rails to spinning records, to helping design his own signature board and binding.

Marc made his mark early in his professional career through videos. He has impressed the snowboarding world with his big mountain skills riding in Alaska, freestyle skills launching booters into the Utah backcountry, slaying urban handrails and stepping up in the competition realm. He is a true success story on and off of his board, inspiring many with his story of how he made his way to the top on and off of his board after coming from the gang dominated streets of inner-city Denver.

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