Frequently Asked Questions

Listing Equipment

What types of action sports equipment do you accept?

We accept most action sports related stuff, but we ask that you please post only usable, high-quality action sports equipment, apparel and accessories. This can include anything…boards, bikes, bindings, boots, shoes, clothing, electronics, accessories, tools, ramps, facilities, raw materials, gift certificates, etc… etc…

+swappow needs to become the biggest and highest quality selection of Action Sports equipment anywhere in the world in order to help the maximum number of kids. So, if it's action sports related, in usable condition and you think there is value, list any and all of it!

That said, we do have to reserve the right to reject a listing if it is not right for the site (for example today we only carry skateboard, snowboard/ski, surf, bike and wakeboard related items today). We will be expanding our categories though as we grow, so if you don't see a category you like, please email us and/or check back or register and we will keep you posted on when we add it.

What do I put in the Description? And can I change it?

Write as much or little as you want. It's not required that you write much at all, but, if we were doing it, we would be as descriptive, honest and transparent about all of the good stuff (brand, technical features, condition) etc…and any bad stuff (ie…dings, dents, scratches, condition, etc..). Used stuff can be tough to trade online so more info is better. Just do your best to protect your social reputation by being as honest as you can about all details and it should be all good. The more you write and the better you describe it, the better chance you have of trading it and having a happy buyer on the other side who will give you a good rating. Totally up to you - we want this to be as easy for you as possible.

What's the deal with this "Story"? Do I have to include it in my listing?

Does what you are trading have a story behind it? Was it your first board? Your 50th board? Is it a board you rode on a super cool trip, epic session, in a contest, etc.? What's its story? You don't have to include this but it could help sell it and your equipment's new owner might like to know its past. If you are like us, you think about your board/bike, etc…as more than a piece of junk, but something that's helped you get places and do things you could never have done without it and to have a lot of fun. Feel free to nerd out about brands you like, pros you follow, spots you session, etc. These details are way more than just "stuff" to a lot of us, so share as much as you feel like. We're building a community around product and people here, after all, so please feel free to share.

How do I list the sizes?

Some products are metric and some US standard sizing. To keep it simple, we suggest sizes are all translated into US sizing. Since sizing is more of an art than a science, we ask you to please also note anything unique about the fit of your item. For example, if you have a big foot and your toes drag on your snowboard, let us know that. If you have a pair of large pants that are too small even though you wear a large in everything else, please make a note of that too. And, since some people know their size in a certain brand, please also state the original size in the description. You're also welcome to add numeric measurements in the description. The goal is to create a successful trade, so please do your best to be as honest and descriptive as possible.

How do you come up with the suggested prices?

Pricing is, again, totally up to you. It's easy to see what similar goods are selling for online with a quick search, but it's really about what it's worth to you, how fast you want to get rid of it, and/or what is important to you. Keep in mind that these goods are ideally going to end up in the hands of kids who may or may not have the funds to buy new equipment is essential in achieving our goal of helping 10M kids by 2018. +swappow is set up to be simple and low-stress for all. Giving you the option of using points or cash and our reverse auction process simplifies the process and removes the typical negotiating, complaining and stress that typically comes with sharing, buying and selling products.

What is descending pricing and how does it work?

This is a process we came up with to bring +swappers and traders together without them having to spend a lot of time and work emailing back and forth. It's like a reverse auction where you start with the price (in cash or points) that you would ideally want for your item and then list the lowest price you would accept (they can both be the same if you want – ie…you don't have to list a lower price if you don't want). Then you set the time/duration you want the price of the item to decline over and the +swappow system will automatically adjust the price downward. This way you don't have to keep relisting it and people can track its progress and compete for your product at all points along the way. Again, we want this to be simple and painless. We want to make transactions happen with the least possible amount of effort on either side and we want both sides to feel good in every transaction.

How do you select your "featured items" and why?

We are action sports product nerds so we get pretty excited about rare, unique, high quality stuff that we can help someone get their hands on. When we see high-quality items at fair prices with reputable sellers, we want to share them with the rest of the site sometimes as "Featured Items." There is no science to our process, we will just hand pick those items we feel are most unique and of highest value, and we will do our best to help you find them quickly by pushing them forward on the site.

How do you protect my transaction?

While our goal is to create a friendly and fair environment for trading, we understand that there will be times when either the buyer/renter or the seller/owner is not happy. +swappow's goal is to be sure that, even when issues do arise, everyone is taken care of. +swappow can't exist without our members and we only do business with friends, so we will do anything possible to try to make your experience here a good one. While we do not accept any liability for disputed deals, we will do our very best to guarantee your satisfaction. This starts with our working hard to make sure swaps are transacted in a fair way. Beyond this, we are putting in the following policies to help more.

+swappow 100% Guarantees...

  • No questions asked refund –
    If you are unhappy for any reason with your experience at +swappow, just let us know and we will gladly refund our commission (in +swappow credits only - we cannot refund cash). No questions asked. If we don't do a good job, you should not pay us…it's that simple. We would not feel good about earning a commission on a failed transaction anyway, so we will gladly refund the transaction fees if there is a problem with the transaction.
  • Full Purchase Price Refund Guarantee –
    If the item you purchase or rent is not satisfactory and you and the seller/owner are unable to resolve the situation to your satisfaction, +swappow will look closely at the situation and make a determination and, if we deem appropriate, will refund the total amount of the transaction (in +swappow credits only - we cannot ever issue a refund in cash). Note that our Refund Guarantee is subject to +swappow's sole discretion regarding the validity of the claim and the effort made by the buyer and seller in good faith to resolve the dispute. +swappow will only step in after all other means of resolution have been exhausted and, if, in our final opinion, one of our members has been wronged.
  • Full Product Coverage Insurance for rentals -
    If the item you made available to rent is returned damaged or is stolen and the renter is unwilling to satisfactorily repay the damages, +swappow will protect renters up to the amount of $2,500. Insurance protection is subject to +swappow's sole discretion regarding the validity of the claim and the effort made in good faith to resolve the dispute by both parties. +swappow will only step in after all other means of resolution have been exhausted and, if, in our final opinion, one of our members has been wronged.

What is WePay?

WePay is a payments processing website for online communities like +swappow. They handle all of the cash transactions for us to be sure it’s all safe, secure and easy.

Why did +swappow choose WePay over PayPal?

There are a lot of reasons, but the top 4 are:

  1. It's easy
    All you do is go to and enter a username and password and you have an account. You won't have to complete your account (unless you want to) until you swap something and want to collect your funds.
  2. It's safe
    WePay processes tens of thousands of transactions per day and has never suffered a data breach or a security lapse. All customer funds in a WePay account are FDIC-insured, up to $250,000.
  3. They care
    Like us, WePay is there for you in the event of disputes or challenges. WePay's customer support team took home an American Business Award in 2013. They assist all parties (payers and merchants) involved in a transaction.
  4. They were built to help Marketplaces
    WePay was specifically designed to support marketplaces like +swappow. Their team is 100% focused on building the best product possible for companies like ours.

How much does WePay Charge me as the +swapper for my listings?

For a +swapper listing and trying to sell an item for cash, WePay's basic pricing structure is very straightforward. They charge 2.9% of the total swapped price plus .30 per transaction for Credit Card Payments. All major credit cards are accepted. WePay charges just 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. For Bank Account Payments, They charge just 1% + 30 cents per transaction.

How long does it take to get my money out?

Payments through WePay typically take 1-2 business days to complete. This time can vary depending on the method of payment, as well as a number of other factors including making sure +swappers have completed set up of their WePay accounts. Each transaction that goes through WePay is reviewed to ensure it is compliant with their Terms of Service and to protect our merchants and payers against any malicious activity.

Service Matters

There are a bunch of other reasons why we chose WePay too, but the summary is that we want your +swapping experience here at +swappow to be the most unique engaging experience you have ever had selling/swapping/sharing online and these guys seem to be the best from our research.

How does Guarantee work?

Instances when buyers may be eligible for a FULL REFUND of points may include:

  • If an item traded or otherwise exchanged on +swappow is not received or significantly not as described in the listing.
  • If a seller changes the listing terms (as outlined in the description) after it ends, and the buyer disagrees.

Instances when SELLERS may be eligible to keep all credits issued for a transaction may include:

  • If a buyer does not pay shipping, is non-responsive, or otherwise experiences buyer's remorse.
  • If a buyer claims they did not receive an item, but the seller has provided a valid tracking number indicating the item was delivered to the winner's verified address.

Sellers can KEEP ALL credits:

  • If a winner does not pay shipping, is non-responsive, or otherwise experiences buyer's remorse.
  • If a winner claims they did not receive an item, but the seller has provided a valid tracking number indicating the item was delivered to the winner's verified address.

What's Not Covered?

This guarantee does not cover shipping charges and/or other arrangements and trades made outside of +swappow. The best way to recover shipping charges is to always use a trusted payment processor such as PayPal and avoid sending cash or checks in the mail.


How do I photograph my stuff?

You don't need Photoshop or fancy equipment—just a digital camera or a good phone. It's great if you can shoot your stuff against a background that contrasts with the equipment for better visibility. The most important thing is to show your stuff clearly, so try not to distort the shape. A wetsuit on a person shows fit well, but hanging or laid flat (and shot from high up) is fine too. We need one full-front view, one full-back view and one clear shot of the label. We encourage you to provide extra details, but it's not required. If there's any fault, wear, tear or stains, please include a shot showing that. Do not shoot too hi-resolution, or the photo will take forever to upload-or won't upload at all. Around 200 to 300 KB works best.

How do I make my stuff look good?

Just photograph the item head on, using a close-up setting. Direct natural or bright artificial light looks best, but your camera's flash will work if necessary. Try to find a background that contrasts. Experiment with positioning, since some stuff looks better horizontal versus vertical, and if there's a signature detail-brand logos, pro model info, etc.-include a close-up of that too.

My photos won't upload.

They may be too large. Try again with lower-res copies. Also, delete any spaces in the filenames of the photos (including at the beginning, before the word), and, if the filename lacks the extension ".jpg" write it in. If those don't work, try reducing the size again. If they won't bulk-upload, try uploading them one by one. Sometimes just reloading the page helps.

Shopping on +swappow

How do I get that board or bike?

Load it into your shopping cart. If you don't buy it within 20 minutes, it goes back on the site so others can have a chance at it. Then, if nobody else got it, you can reload it and start again.

What's your returns policy?

We can't enforce a return policy as we are not holding inventory ourselves, so, if the item just doesn't work for you, you can opt to resell it on +swappow or, if a seller is willing to accept returns, he or she should say so at the time of listing. You can also simply ask them once you receive it if it does not fit or suit your needs.

I swear these boots are not the ones she listed.

Leave some feedback and always try to work it out between the two of you. It will be faster and more effective. If that doesn't work, then contact us. We'll investigate and act accordingly.

He never sent the surfboard.

Though we ask that members ship their equipment within three days, people do get busy; we ask you first to be patient. Leave reminders with the lister, and if needed, contact us, and we'll try to help resolve the matter.

I never received my stuff.

WePay provides Purchase Protection both for items that are not received and for those that are significantly not as described. Start by visiting WePay's Resolution Center to be put in contact with the Seller. You have 45 days from the date you purchased an item to open a dispute. If you decide to escalate it to a WePay claim, this must be filed within 20 days after opening the dispute.

Listing/Selling on +swappow

What is +swappow's descending pricing all about?

+swappow's descending pricing is unique to +swappow and is designed to bring buyers and sellers together without a lot of emailing back and forth and makes it easier to exchange your old equipment. You just set the price you would like and then set a lower one (optional) that you would accept as your lowest price. This automates the negotiation process and reduces the number of emails back and forth to negotiate pricing. Over time (30 days), the system will decrease the price daily to hopefully bring a buyer's ideal price and yours together to make transactions happen with the least possible amount of effort on either side.

What are your listing fees?

We don't charge listing fees or any other sort of hidden fees. Whatever we do, you will know about it.

What are your commissions?

We take a flat 7 percent (7%) of the product price (in credits if you trade in credits or in cash if you trade in cash) for each item swapped/sold. We take a flat 10 percent of the rental fees earned by the owner of a rented piece of equipment. It's what we do to keep the lights on here long enough to reach our goal of helping 10 million kids globally get riding, rolling, sliding and surfing by 2018.

I've sold something. When will I get my credits?

As soon as an item sells, it will be listed as sold underneath your transactions section. When the buyer confirms receipt of the item, the points will appear in your account.

Can I get cash out for my credits?

Since we aSellers are responsible for packing and mailing goods as soon as possible after purchase. For best ratings and feedback, please ship the item within three days. If the item cannot be shipped within two weeks of purchase date and the seller does not notify the buyer, the sale will automatically be giving away a lot of credits ourselves to our loyal customers to reward them for Sharing the Ride and for doing other things to help the cause, you can use your credits towards purchasing items on the site, but you are not able to cash out/sell or transfer your credits.

What if I don't want to trade and I want new stuff?

We assumed this would happen. We are talking to a number of potential retail partners and manufacturers now about accepting +swappow credits for discounts on new goods at their stores. We think it makes a lot of sense because they want the same things we do…to help more kids to get riding and rolling and they definitely want to sell you quality new products so we are going to just send you to them and help you get new goods from them however we can.

Do you sell new equipment?

If you want to resell something that is new, that's great, but please support your local board/bike shop when buying new stuff. They typically know more about the product and the sports than the big box retailers and they are a big part of the heart and soul of action sports. Our goal is to remain focused on helping people share and exchange pre-owned goods by helping you to swap, sell, rent, lend and share equipment. While we do that, we will continue to respect our relationships with several leading action sports retailers and online retailers as well as manufacturers. Without them, there would be no new stuff and no place to buy quality new goods.


What are your shipping guidelines?

Sellers are responsible for packing and mailing goods as soon as possible after purchase. For best ratings and feedback, please ship the item within three days. If the item cannot be shipped within two weeks of purchase date and the seller does not notify the buyer, the sale will automatically be canceled.

So how do I send this thing?

There are a lot of options for shipping these days and the standards today include the United States Post Office (USPS), United Package Service (UPS) and Federal Express (Fed Ex) and DHL. While reliable and secure and proven, these options also tend to be costly and can be inflexible at times. The good news is that alternative shipping options (particularly for really big items like bikes, longboards, ramps, etc…) are popping up left and right to support the booming Sharing Economy as it grows. A few that may be worth taking a look at today include Rideship, Zipments and Deliv. Our goal will always be to scout our new and creative ways to make your life easier, so please check back here often and look for updates on the site as we get them. So, if you are looking for a proven method of shipment, simply put your item in a USPS Flat Rate box of correct size (if possible) or find a box and pack it tight. Used boxes are everywhere, so please look around before going out and spending a lot of money on new boxes. Then, slap on a label and call for a pickup or take it in and ship it. It's best if you can clean up the goods as much as possible and wrap it well if easily scratched before you box it.

What are your shipping guidelines?

Sellers are responsible for packing and mailing goods as quickly as possible after purchase. If the item cannot be shipped within two weeks of purchase date and the seller does not notify the buyer and the swappow Team, the sale will automatically be canceled. Please contact us at with any further questions.

Where do I get the boxes?

There are a number of ways to save money on shipping boxes and supplies. A few thoughts include:

  1. Call us if you can't find a box that fits locally. We will sell and ship you a specialty bike, snowboard, surfboard or wakeboard box. We want to help you Swap/Sell/Share any way we can, so we have purchased a base of our own inventory of boxes so we can ship them to you (for a fee). Please just contact us directly for details.
  2. Order Free United States Post Office (USPS) Flat Rate boxes, which are charged by size, not weight. USPS will send you supplies, free of charge. We suggest you stock up as soon as you open your account. Order boxes here:
  3. Check with your local board/bike shop. These guys are getting in new goods daily and sometimes have more cardboard than they know what to do with. Just ask them for a box. They may charge you a couple of bucks for them, but it could be worth it.
  4. Check out – they match owners of boxes and people who need them. It keeps boxes from getting thrown out so it's good for the environment, but it's cheap too so it could be good for you too.
  5. Go dumpster diving! We are not kidding. You might be surprised how much packing material your local electronics or sporting goods dealer throws out behind the shop. Just take a peek. You never know what you may find. If you need to buy boxes, you can also go to or eBay, etc…

How much is shipping for general items?

Below are some general guidelines taken from the Post Office. There is a ton of information online too about how to ship stuff, so just do some digging and know that we are working hard to make shipping easier for everyone. According to the United States Post Office (USPS) Flat Rate Boxes are charged as follows:

  • Small
    $5.35 Domestic Priority Mail (up to 70 lbs)
    Holds a T-shirt, tools, accessories.
    5-3/8” x 8-5/8” x 1-5/8”
  • Medium
    $11.35 Domestic Priority Mail (no weight limit)
    Holds one or two hoodies, a jacket, pants and most shoes
    11" X 8.5" X 5.5"
  • Large
    $15.45 Domestic Priority Mail (no weight limit)
    Holds snowboard jacket, pants, wetsuit, snowboard boots, bindings.
    12” x 12” x 5 1/2”

Custom Bike and Board Boxes

Larger items such as bikes, surfboards and snowboards and wakeboards and even skateboards will require non-standard/custom sized boxes in generally the following sizes (these are just estimates). Please contact your local shipping supplies provider to secure a box or you can purchase one through us here at +swappow.

  • Kids bike 54 x 8 x 28"
  • Large bike 67 x 13 x 38"
  • Surfboard 24 x 8 x 57"
  • Snowboard 14 x 4 x 68"
  • Skateboard Box 33 x 8.5 x 5"

How long until I get my equipment?

We ask that +swappow riders mail out a swapped item within three days whenever humanly possible. Priority Mail delivery time is two to nine days in the 48 contiguous states.

What if I am overseas? Can I trade with +swappow?

International shipping costs more and takes longer and may sometimes involve extra fees and complexity including dealing with local customs regulations. Details of international shipping need to be negotiated between swapper and buyer directly. Our goal is to make +swappow an international community, so we encourage you to consider trading with friends overseas, but please be extra careful when doing so though, as returns can get very expensive and international disputes are tough to resolve, so it can be risky.

What Is The +swappow Honor Code?

The +swappow Honor Code is simple. It says, when you sign up to be a member of the +swappow community, you are agreeing to be fair in all of your dealings on +swappow and you agree to be a good citizen of the +swappow community. By good citizen, we mean basically, if you say you will do something, please do it. If you say you won't, please don't. If you want to scam someone, there are plenty of other places online to do that. This is not that place. When you sign up, you are saying that you understand and agree to the +swappow Honor Code. We believe you and look forward to having you as a member of the +swappow community. Thanks for Sharing the Ride and supporting +swappow and the + Foundation.

What Is Wecommerce And How Does It Work?

We think of what we call WEcommerce simply as the act of doing business with each other person to person or Peer to Peer. It's based on the belief that, today and in the future, we will all be doing business directly with each other as individuals more and more while our dependence on middlemen will decrease. We will do this because it's smart, it's affordable, it's a great opportunity to meet good people and because we help a lot of people when we do it. We help kids by giving them access to our old stuff, we help the environment because we are reducing solid waste in landfills and because we are manufacturing less and therefore using fewer natural resources in the process.

The keys to success in WEcommerce are social regulation and your social reputation. Social regulation is the concept that +swappow is based on. It is not new, but it does not happen enough in our society today and we think it should. +swappow is a socially regulated WEcommerce community of friends. Our trust is placed in the hands of each other and all those using the site. We are trusting people and we believe in the concept of helping others to Share the Ride but not in the concept hyper regulation. We take a very hands off approach. For instance, we will step in to help if there are issues as outlined in our policies, but we don't see that happening much so we have set up this site to be a place for you to share and exchange your stuff...not a place for us to police. Social regulation leaves it up to the community to be good citizens and not do things to hurt each other, but to help all.

As for social reputation, it's what it sounds like. It's your track record of performing transactions online. Just like the better Business Bureau and just like how a review on Yelp or Trip Advisor can make or break a business, your personal social reputation will help or hurt your ability to buy and sell in the sharing economy as it will depend a lot on your social reputation. +swappow's rating system is designed to promote and recognize those who do the best job at providing fair and honorable service in all of their dealings. This rating will likely travel with you as you do business with other similar sharing sites as they continue to pop up.