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What does it mean to "Share the Ride?"
The action sports community is diverse and active, spanning all corners of the globe. We all share a need to move, create, and make progress, while doing what makes us happy.

Communities around the world are home to kids with ambition, creativity, and ability, both on and off of boards and bikes - but most are simply priced out of the opportunity to participate.

At the same time millions of used boards, bikes, and gear gathers dust in garages and storage units across the country.

It's time for us all to change that for good.

+swappow is business with a simple goal:

We want to encourage and equip 10-million kids to participate in Action/Adventure Sports, by 2018.

When you buy, sell, or swap on our platform, you join us on our mission to make action sports affordable for kids across the globe.

Every transaction you make with +swappow makes a difference.

Thank you for sharing the ride.

How will +swappow reach 10-million kids?

  1. Support action sports charities.
    Our philanthropic partners play a huge role in getting more people to share the ride. +swappow works with select action sports charities (listed below) that share our vision. These are not-for-profit entities we believe in and encourage others to support.

    If you know of a charity that should be on our list, but isn't, please email us at sharetheride@swappow.com and let us know!

  2. Support the +foundation.
    Our not-for-profit arm, the +foundation, is dedicated to curating, re-purposing and re-habilitating action sports equipment, apparel, and accessories to re-distribute quality goods in communities with the greatest socioeconomic need.

    +swappow operates in sync with +foundation, donating 10% of all profits generated by the platform directly to our network of action sports-related charities. When you swap or share using +swappow.com, you help to get more kids out to ride, roll, surf, slide, and shred.

    Shoot us an email at sharetheride@swappow.com to learn how you can make a difference with +foundation, today.

  3. Team up with educators and students.
    +swappow will be teaming up with forward thinking elementary and high schools across the country to connect owners of quality, pre-owned, action sports goods with the kids who need them.

    Teachers today can use +swappow to request equipment on behalf of students. This way, interested donors can search requests in their area to drop off or ship their goods to students in need.

  4. Collaborate with not-for-profit partners.
    Every two years, +swappow will collaborate with select action sports-related not-for-profit 501(c)3s to raise funding and awareness for their organizations.

    +swappow teamed up with Skate After School on a fundraising campaign that raised $13,000 to expand the organization's after-school skateboard program.

    To learn more about our collaboration with Skate After School check out: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/skateafterschool.

    Are you with an organization working to get kids on the roll? Do you know of one? You can help!

    Shoot us an email at sharetheride@swappow.com

  5. Support The Boys and Girls Clubs of America
    +swappow shares BGCA's vision of creating a better and brighter future for all children—many of us were "club kids", ourselves.

    In addition to sharing the ride through +swappow, we encourage you to share the ride by donating your quality, pre-owned equipment to your local Boys and Girls Clubs.

“How can I best Share the Ride?”

  1. List tons of stuff on the site.
    Dig through your garage, closet, shed, etc..

    When you think, to yourself, “I didn1’t know I had this,” that’s a sign you should make a new listing

  2. Rent out your stuff.
    If you have some equipment you want to share, but not sell, consider renting it out for cash or credits.

    Remember: renting is still sharing

  3. Give your stuff away for free!
    If your old gear is not getting used and you’re down to just hook up a kid with some gear, list your product as a donation or a loaner!

    Donating your goods is the simplest way you can share the ride.

  4. Get your friends involved!
    When you get others to join the +swappow community, you’re contributing to a healthier, more abundant ecosystem of swapping for good.

    It’s a team effort - more people on our side means more ways to share the ride.

Action sports charities network

Review our list of not-for-profits whose missions align with +swappow’s to equip 10-million kids to participate in action and adventure sports.

We encourage anyone interested in kids or action sports to keep these organizations front-of-mind.

If you know of a charity that should be on our list, but isn’t, please email us at sharetheride@swappow.com to let us know!


A.Skate - A.Skate - http://askate.org

A.Skate organizes an autism-friendly skateboard clinic environment to teach the basic skills of skateboarding to new participants, as well as help second-time participants progress.

Donate - http://askate.org/donations

The Sheckler Foundation - http://www.shecklerfoundation.org

The Sheckler Foundation is fueled by the desire to help and enrich the lives of children and injured action sports athletes. To accomplish this mission, we produce fundraising events and web-based initiatives.

Donate - http://www.shecklerfoundation.org/donation/donate/foundation-donation

Skateistan - https://www.skateistan.org

Skateistan uses skateboarding as a tool for empowering youth to create new opportunities and the potential for change

Donate - https://www.skateistan.org/donate

Skate After School - http://www.skateafterschool.org

At Skate After School, we match talented and enthusiastic volunteers with Phoenix area schools to provide skateboard instruction to underserved youth. With donated skateboard equipment, we are able to engage students in a challenging and exciting extracurricular activity.

Donate - http://www.skateafterschool.org

Tony Hawk Foundation - http://tonyhawkfoundation.org

The Tony Hawk Foundation seeks to foster lasting improvements in society, with an emphasis on supporting and empowering youth. Through special events, grants, and technical assistance, the Foundation supports recreational programs focusing on the creation of public skateboard parks in low-income communities, and other causes in the US and overseas.

Donate - http://tonyhawkfoundation.org/donate/


Trips for Kids - http://www.tripsforkids.org

Operating in the United States, Canada, Israel and Sierra Leone, Trips For Kids© (TFK©) has opened the world of cycling to over 124,000 at-risk youth since 1988 through mountain bike rides and Earn-A-Bike programs. The over 80 Trips For Kids chapters we support combine lessons in confidence building, achievement and environmental awareness through the development of practical skills, and the simple act of having fun.

Donate - http://www.tripsforkids.org/national/donate.htm


Acces Surf - http://www.accessurf.org

Acces Surf empowers people with disabilities by providing adaptive surfing instruction and therapeutic educational programs on water recreation and enriches lives by assisting families to access the beach and ocean in a barrier free environment.

Donate - http://www.accessurf.org/donate/

Best Day Foundation - http://www.bestdayfoundation.org

Best Day Foundation helps children with special needs build confidence and self-esteem through safe, fun adventure activities like surfing, bodyboarding, kayaking, snow sports, and more.

Donate - https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/1428369?code=web_button

Heal the Bay - http://www.healthebay.org

Heal the Bay is the longest-serving watchdog for Southern California’s shorelines--more than 15,000 active members who share a vision to make Southern California's waters safe, healthy and clean.

Donate - https://www.healthebay.org/secure/renew-your-membership-or-join-now

The Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation - http://jimmymillerfoundation.org

The Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation Ocean Therapy is an adaptive surfing program to assist individuals coping with mental and physical illness by accessing the ocean environment. The purpose of our program is to increase perceived self-efficacy in our participants through engagement in physical activity in the ocean environment, specifically, the activity of surfing

Donate - https://www.networkforgood.org/donation/MakeDonation.aspx?ORGID2=201702191&vlrStratCode=emChraXeJTSpwrJA4vpxD6KPUEYRy9iFzk%2fez1TqGH1epgWAeV1fxryiDz3YzMxS

Life Rolls On - http://www.liferollson.org

Life Rolls On is a non-profit organization that inspires others to see the boundless possibilities beyond paralysis. Established in 2002, LRO’s signature adaptive surfing program, They Will Surf Again, has grown into a catalyst of hope for thousands of individuals throughout the world

Donate - https://www.kintera.org/site/c.9rJLK3MLJfLWH/b.7850239/k.D337/Give_Now/apps/ka/sd/donor.asp?c=9rJLK3MLJfLWH&b=7850239&en=5oLzGIOjF4LIKSNmG3JFLOMwHoIMLKNrFhLIIKNqEgLKKSPAIsG

Mauli Ola - http://www.mauliola.org

The Mauli Ola Foundation began as a group of surfers who banded together to introduce surfing as a natural treatment to people with cystic fibrosis. Since 2007, Mauli Ola has taken nearly 1,300 CF patients surfing at nearly 100 Surf Experience Days and has now expanded it’s reach with hospital visits and other activities that touch the lives of kids with cancer and a variety of other health challenges

Donate - http://www.mauliola.org/give

Operation Surf - http://amazingsurfadventures.org

Amazing Surf Adventures (ASA) develops community programs that utilize surfing, along with other activities, to help individuals change their perspective and overcome their particular life’s challenges.

Donate - http://amazingsurfadventures.org/get-involved/donate/

Save the Waves - https://www.savethewaves.org

Save The Waves Coalition is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the coastal environment, with an emphasis on the surf zone, and educating the public about its value.

Donate - https://www.savethewaves.org/donation

SurfAid - http://www.surfaid.org

Started by a group of concerned surfers in 2000, struck by the needless suffering and preventable death in the Mentawai Islands. Today we are proud that more than 95% of ourprogram staff are Indonesian nationals who work hand-in-hand with the communities of Western Sumatra, Sumbawa and Sumba, to bring about positive, sustainable health change while respecting the unique culture and customs of these islands communities.

Donate - http://www.surfaid.org/donate

Surfrider Foundation - http://www.surfrider.org

Our mission is the protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network.

Donate - https://surfrider.secure.force.com/donate/rc_connect__campaign_designform?id=701i00000016Hkv-!mode=view&form=00Pi00000096BsKEAU

Waves For Water - http://www.wavesforwater.org/#/my/donate

Waves For Water works on the front-line to provide clean water to communities in need around the world. WFW works with world leaders and strategic partners who take a no-nonsense attitude toward making global change.

Donate - http://www.wavesforwater.org/#/my/donate

Action Sports - General

STOKED - http://www.stoked.org

Stoked’s mission is to promote personal development, academic achievement, and healthy living to under-served youth through action sports culture. Stoked’s vision is to empower all youth with the tools and resources to succeed in the future

Donate - http://www.stoked.org/get-involved/donate

rollin from the heart. - http://rollinfromtheheart.org/donate/

Mentoring youth and young adultsOur mentors share the values of kindness, compassion and acceptance and promote less sedentary, more active life styles.

Donate - http://rollinfromtheheart.org/donate/


Outdoor Outreach - http://www.outdooroutreach.org

Outdoor Outreach Is based on the vision and conviction that giving underserved youth the opportunity to develop passion and joy in the outdoors would be transformative. In the last thirteen years, Outdoor Outreach has served over 7,200 at-risk and underprivileged youth through their programs.

Donate - http://www.outdooroutreach.org/get-involved/donate/ways-to-donate/