About Us

What is +swappow?

+swappow is the only cash and credits based action sports swap/sell/share site online. It’s a place where you can easily trade in, sell, rent, lend or donate your old skate, surf, snow, wake and bike equipment—you know, the stuff you don’t ride or that doesn’t fit anymore and is collecting dust—for quality goods that do fit and you can/will ride. You can also rent/lend or share your old equipment in exchange for credits, cash or a good feeling. Thanks for being a part of the +swappow community.

Who is +swappow?

+swappow is the result of a collaboration of a large and growing network of good friends, good people, fellow riders/sliders/surfers, some of the world’s best action sports athletes, some of the best brains in not for profit and for profit business organizations. +swappow founders have been active in action sports for close to 40 years. From rolling the Concrete Wave skatepark in Anaheim on a G&S Stacy Peralta warptail in the 1970s, to paddling out at the Huntington Beach pier on a $5 sawed off garage sale Lightning Bolt board, to Westside Phoenix desert punk rock ramp sessions, to 80’s hikes up the mountain to slide Burton Backhills, we’ve benefitted personally and have had so much fun that we just had to figure out a way to Share The Ride and get more people riding. Helping kids find a fun and healthy activity to be passionate about is why +swappow exists.

+swappow is the vision of its founder, Joe Dunnigan, the brainchild of his partner, Esteban Morales and a platform for doing good for his co-founder, Brent Tunnell. Our mission is simple but our goal is a big one. We are committed to encourage and enabling a minimum of 10 Million more people to participate in action sports by 2018 by making quality equipment more accessible and affordable.

Why Action Sports?

Action sports, including skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding and biking have been a major a part of all of our lives for the past four decades. Action sports have, and will continue to, help millions of people to have fun, challenge themselves, keep active and stay focused on something they enjoy and that’s positive, versus the many negative alternatives they could be focused on. Action sports are individual activities/sports pursued by a uniquely diverse and varied group of kids and adults globally. Action sports cross all ethnic, socioeconomic, gender and geographic boundaries. At the same time, they bind an otherwise often-disconnected group of intensely creative and individual participants in ways that few other activities can.

Action Sports are not cheap though, as we all know. The cost of keeping us riding, rolling, surfing and skating takes a toll on all of us and a lot of people just can’t participate because it’s too expensive. +swappow exists for this reason: to make it easy and affordable to pull value out of old goods that might otherwise be worthless to you, and to make quality products affordable and available to all.

What are +swappow's values?

+swappow is about adding, not taking away. The reason +swappow exists is simple: we are committed to helping to enable more people (especially kids) to roll/ride surf/slide and we hope to eliminate a lot of the environmental and financial waste in the process while connecting a lot of good people with each other. Specifically, +swappow exists to help an additional 10 million kids worldwide to participate in action sports by 2018. More specifically, we are 100% committed to all of the following:

What matters most to us at +swappow?

  • Helping kids worldwide to participate in action sports by making equipment more affordable and accessible – this is our top priority.
  • Encouraging people to stay active to doing, positive and healthy things.
  • Reducing waste by helping people turn stuff they can’t use in to stuff they can use – this is basic, but just makes sense to us
  • Encouraging sharing and repurposing of our used equipment, apparel and accessories. This will help reduce solid waste in landfills and will help reduce the need for increases in mass production and consumption as this is not an option for our planet or for future generations.
  • Creating a platform where both sides win in every transaction. Our goal is to build a place where like minded people can do business and share socially and make friends while getting value from their old gear in ways they have never been able to before instead of simply maximizing profits and fighting for the best possible deals. We are about that.
  • Trusting that people can respect and treat each other fairly in all transactions (swapping, renting, lending, borrowing, donating, etc.) without the need for excessive regulation and corporate oversight is how we see this community working—and working well.

Is +swappow a Not For Profit Organization?

No, +swappow is a for profit organization … but one with a BIG heart and a BIG vision of helping Millions more kids. To do this, we are building the best swap/sell/share platform online. We believe that by focusing on building a financially sustainable organization, we will have the greatest ability to help the greatest number of children. So, while we are a for profit business, we are in this business for one primary purpose – to help at least 10 million more kids to ride/roll surf/slide by 2018.

We act a lot like a nonprofit in that our primary goal is to help as many kids as possible. We act like a business by building what will someday be a financially sustainable business platform—one that is not dependent on the charity of others. To do this we work hard and are committed to solving real problems and providing real value to kids, to riders of all types, to parents, to teachers, to kids’ organizations and to action sports charities.